Thursday, December 8th

I only have two pictures but I’m still devoting an entire post to THE INTEGRATRON!


You might remember a certain feature just a few miles from here involving a Giant Rock.  If you read the article you know that the UFO conventions there were held by the guy who designed and built this piece of desert insanity: the Integratron.  I have a hard time not writing or speaking that name without shouting it.  It was built using no metal; all wood, glues and a concrete ring holding it together.  You can see the big wood ribs that rise out of the earth, apparently built by shipbuilders.  It’s a lovely building with superb acoustics.

It is also currently run by people who host “sound baths”, one of which I attended.  A group of us went inside and all lay down in the 2nd story (the dome).  One of the owners gave a brief talk about the history and then played 7 large quartz bowls by dragging something around the edge.  If you’ve seen or played a “singing bowl” it was the same concept.  The reverberations are quite strong and it was a strange but enjoyable experience.  Seeing the building on its own is worth the price of admission and it was a great, weird last evening in the high desert.

The sun sets on a festively decorated Integratron.

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