Happy Holidays from the Grave!

Sunday, December 18th – Saturday, December 24th

And suddenly I found myself back in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I’d planned on staying a few weeks with my parents, enjoying time with family and recharging a bit before … what?  I wasn’t really sure.  Tentatively I was planning on hitting the road again, continuing to tour a bit before heading off to China for a month in late winter or early spring.  I was not planning on picking up a Mysterious Medical Event, but life is a funny thing.

Scooter at Spring Grove Cemetery.

The first week started off innocently enough, on Sunday I verified that coming on Saturday was a smart move, and nearly lost my hands to frostbite while running some errands on the scooter.

Ice crystals and, oh, 22 degrees and The Dreaded Snowflake Icon! No wonder my hands hurt so much.

I actually had to take the above picture at my destination; the mode button was frozen so I couldn’t change the display until I’d been on the road for a while.  Heated gloves are no match for twenty degree winds.

During the week I managed to spend a couple of hours at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center, which is now free all the time!  If you’re in the city it’s always worth checking out and it’s right downtown so easy to combine with other activities.

Work by Glenn Brown
“A Sailor’s Life” by Glenn Brown, 2009
“Wooden Heart” by Glenn Brown, 2008

Some of Brown’s work (like “Wooden Heart”) is layers and layers and layers of paint which took years to create.  Lots of referencing/recreating of other works of art, which is a fun treasure hunt.

The next weekend was warmer, and on Saturday morning I visited one of my favorite haunts: Spring Grove Cemetery.

Happy Holidays from Spring Grove Cemetery!


I did spend some time with actual family on Christmas Eve; my sister and niece joined us that evening.  It was a lovely time, a gentle few hours with loved ones.  I’ll just leave you with this image of my niece riding a case of tissues like it was a car.

Happy Holidays!