Sunday, November 27th

Sunday I headed across town to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It was the last day of the Guillermo del Toro “At Home with Monsters” exhibit.  I ended up liking the exhibit a lot more than I expected, mostly because it was such a vivid exploration of how hard it is to try and represent horror and the supernatural in visual form without it all falling flat combined with del Toro’s clear love of presenting the subject matter coming through.

Art ahead, some NSFW.

“Chopin v. 2.0” by by Brian Poor, 2009.

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Thanksgiving in LA: On the Beach

Thursday, November 24th

This trip has been a mix of staying in cities or being somewhere with a lot of hiking.  When I have a full day off it’s easy to figure out what to do if I’m near a national park, but what do you do when you’re in a big city where most everything is closed?  You go to the beach!

Scooter by the Pacific Ocean
Thankful the scooter got to see its first ocean! Pretty good for a little bike that grew up in Kansas.

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Palmer Springs

Saturday, November 19th – Sunday, November 20th

Saturday I did one last hike in Joshua Tree, the popular (for good reason) Ryan Mountain trail and then headed out and around the park, circling counter-clockwise until I arrived in Palm Springs.  The next day I happily high tailed it out of there and it was up through the mountains and into my destination for the next two weeks: Los Angeles.

Ryan Mountain Trail
Taking a picture of this tree on a mesa near the end of the Ryan Mountain hike is pretty much mandatory.

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Goodbye Mormons, Hello Sin!

Saturday, November 12th – Sunday, November 13th

Ok, so I scheduled a night in Vegas, but let’s be honest and note that the only sinning I had planned was checking out the arts district and probably drinking too much.  Still, I left Utah on Saturday morning, took back roads briefly into Arizona, and then on to Nevada and the Valley of Fire!  Oh, and Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire

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