Monday morning I woke up and got to work.  At this point I was pretty used to the two hour time difference, I get up a few minutes before 6am, then log in and work until lunch.  This lets me take a quick shower without waking up my hosts.  After a while on Monday I noticed light coming through the blinds and opened the shade.

Morning in Moab.
Morning in Moab.

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Grand Junction

White Negroni from Bin 707.
White Negroni from Bin 707.

It was late afternoon when I arrived in Grand Junction, so I headed out to find myself a meal.  It looked like there might be a small downtown and, sure enough, they had a fun few blocks of shops and restaurants.  I had a surprisingly good time in Grand Junction.  I had no idea about the town before I showed up so it was a pleasant surprise.


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Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is the ultimate tourist trap.  Although there are over 50 similarly sized mountains in Colorado, this is the first you encounter when migrating from the East.  It’s famous for being big and famous.  It’s a long drive out and up to the top, a windy peak with viewpoints so high as to make poor photographs, too little air to breath and a shop full of food knick-knacks.  So of course it was totally on my to-do list and I took the ride up above 14,000 feet on Saturday (October 8th).

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The Shereen & Megan Count (October 7th Edition)

I can’t even remember how this came up, but at some point I was told to start keeping track of Important Numbers.

Days on Trip: 21
Miles: 2,300
Wet Rides: 5
Absolute Soakings: 2
States Visited: 10
Capitol Buildings Visited: 3
Local Beverages Sampled (unique types, let’s not discuss total count): 21
Local Beverages per State: 2.1
Distinct Lodgings: 8
Average Unique Pets Snuggled per Stay: 1
Scooter Parts Damaged: 4