Happy Holidays from the Grave!

Sunday, December 18th – Saturday, December 24th

And suddenly I found myself back in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I’d planned on staying a few weeks with my parents, enjoying time with family and recharging a bit before … what?  I wasn’t really sure.  Tentatively I was planning on hitting the road again, continuing to tour a bit before heading off to China for a month in late winter or early spring.  I was not planning on picking up a Mysterious Medical Event, but life is a funny thing.

Scooter at Spring Grove Cemetery.

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Phoenix to Dallas

Saturday, December 10th – Sunday, December 11th

Saturday morning found me driving east.  Which, at after three months of heading west, felt pretty weird.

The Sonora desert opened itself around me and I sped through Tuscan (I’ll be back!) and towards New Mexico.  This speed of travel is boring and doesn’t involve stopping for my photos, so I’ll combine a couple of days in this post.

Rest stop in Arizona.

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Yucca Valley to Phoenix

Friday, December 9th

I originally had booked the room through Saturday morning, but since deciding that I was going to scooter home instead of sensibly spend a week in San Diego and fly back like a smart human, I had a lot of miles to cover.  As I left Yucca Valley Friday after work I hoped to make it to Phoenix and then spend two days driving and see how far I got by Sunday night.  It’s over 2,000 miles from Southern California to Ohio, so I wasn’t going to make it back this weekend, but I was hoping to get a big chunk of that done.  I also knew I was going to take interstate 10 across since the more direct 40 went through places like Flagstaff and Amarillo which were showing snow and ice.  My normal “avoid highways” plan wasn’t going to cut it; I was hoping to do this in two weekends with maybe taking one day between them.

A solid evening of driving would give me a good head start, so I packed up and headed out into the desert.

Highway 62 to the East of Twentynine Palms.

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