We’re Waiting, We’re Waiting

Monday, March 6th – Wednesday March 8th

My flight was Wednesday morning and I was scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday.  So I booked a ridiculously expensive hotel near LAX and stayed there for a couple of days, as I will when I return.  There’s not much to do in the area save pace nervously, make final arrangements with banks and other entities, and (fortunately for you) take pictures of airplanes.


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San Diego

Monday, February 20th – Sunday, March 5th

Two weeks in San Diego!  Did I see all my old friends?  Did I hang out and enjoy the beach?  Well mainly I got over a cold and spent time hunting down last minute supplies and trying to figure out what and how to get to China.  The first week I was in a hotel, and then the second week was staying with some wonderful friends who basically made the whole visit to China possible.  And also attempted to shatter me.

Spring Flowers in Presidio Park

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Return to Tucson

Sunday, February 12th – Sunday, February 19th

Greetings from Jingdezhen, China!  I’m hanging out while my fabulous artist of a wife is making molds, sculptures, and other crazy things.  I’m (slowly) getting photos uploaded and sorted so I am going to try to get caught up on some posts in between exploring things here.  Now back to your regularly (un)scheduled blog…

I returned for a second week in Tucson.  This time I stayed closer to downtown in an Airbnb decorated from the leftovers of a chameleon themed art museum which the host had previously run (of course that’s why I chose it!).  At least one NSFW photo of a chameleon ahead.  I live a strange life.

Barrio Viejo – I’m a fan of the many murals in this part of the world.

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Dear Readers, Observers and Confused Bystanders,

One of the interesting parts about writing from the road is the constant push/pull of spending time updating these missives to you (and our future selves) vs. going out and doing cool stuff.  I’m already behind on updates and it’s about to get a lot worse.  I’m super excited because the cause of that involves me getting on a plane to visit Christy.  I’ll be in China for the next month, returning in early April.  Maybe I’ll have updates before then, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Take care of one another,