Salvation at Slab City

Sunday, December 4th

I had a whole day to explore on Sunday and I’d been contemplating going down to the Salton Sea when Anne Elisabeth informed me of the existence of Slab City and Salvation Mountain.  I spent some quality time with maps and things fell into place; I’d head down to the Salton Sea and circle it clockwise, taking in whatever desert madness I could on the way.  There was plenty to choose from.

Sunrise outside my lodging in Yucca Valley.

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Let It Sn… Wait, Don’t Do That!

Saturday, December 3rd

Saturday I booked for travel and a little shopping.  I knew I wanted to stop by Chaparrals again on my way back out to the desert, and I also knew Big Bear Lake was sort of on the way.  Seems like a logical detour to take!

Scooter by snow.
Did you know that Big Bear Lake is high up in the mountains? That might be the kind of thing you should research before scootering there in December.

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Sunday, November 27th

Sunday I headed across town to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It was the last day of the Guillermo del Toro “At Home with Monsters” exhibit.  I ended up liking the exhibit a lot more than I expected, mostly because it was such a vivid exploration of how hard it is to try and represent horror and the supernatural in visual form without it all falling flat combined with del Toro’s clear love of presenting the subject matter coming through.

Art ahead, some NSFW.

“Chopin v. 2.0” by by Brian Poor, 2009.

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