Happy Holidays from the Grave!

Sunday, December 18th – Saturday, December 24th

And suddenly I found myself back in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I’d planned on staying a few weeks with my parents, enjoying time with family and recharging a bit before … what?  I wasn’t really sure.  Tentatively I was planning on hitting the road again, continuing to tour a bit before heading off to China for a month in late winter or early spring.  I was not planning on picking up a Mysterious Medical Event, but life is a funny thing.

Scooter at Spring Grove Cemetery.

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First Leg: Cincinnati to St. Joseph to Wisconsin

Leaving CincinnatiOn Friday morning I packed up all my gear and started my journey by heading west.  You can see here a photo my mother took as I was headed off.  The new light bar is looking good!

The plan was to leave Cincinnati and head up towards Indianapolis and continue heading west and a bit north until I arrived at my friends Britt & Nate’s house, a few towns over the border in Illinois.

Britt had the day off, and I wanted to start my trip off by being able to see the countryside and not take interstates the whole way.  So I took a vacation day and rode country highways up.  It was a beautiful drive; I hadn’t noticed it as much in Cincinnati but out in the country fall has begun.  The trees haven’t turned, but one of the common crops (soybeans?) have started taking on a beautiful golden hue.

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Ohio Rides

Motorbike nerds sometimes share “ride reports”, basically excuses to recount the details of your ride and post mediocre pictures of interesting places (ok maybe that’s just me).  I expect to be writing these with some regularity, so if you find this boring you might just want to skip over future “ride report” categories.  This post is a combination of three rides I took recently while hanging out in Cincinnati, Ohio.  One followed the Ohio River to the east, one towards the rural heart of Ohio and one south into Kentucky.

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