House on the Rock II: Vidjas

This is me experimenting with video.  I suspect WordPress doesn’t natively handle streaming, so you’ll probably have to download each of these in full.  Sorry, it’s going to be a pain.  But if you just can’t get enough of House on the Rock, here are a few random videos.  I am very new to taking video (and especially editing it), so this is Amateur Hour 101.

Random compilation of the first music machine you see and a bunch of automated puppets you can turn on near the end of the tour:


The compilation of two videos of THE CAROUSEL.  You’re welcome.


Finally: a random small music machine involving dental picks playing a banjo.  The picks had dug scars into the cloth behind the strings for maximum disturbance.

One thought on “House on the Rock II: Vidjas

  1. Think my favorite is the Noah’s Ark….maybe it was the snappy way the animals moved to the music….

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