Walking Jingdezhen

Wednesday, March 22nd – Monday April 3rd

Pictures from Christy showing me around her town!

Small park in Jingdezhen – there are a number of these tucked away amidst the high rises.

Ongoing construction near where Christy lives but really I took this photo because “Zoomy Blion” is my favorite business name. I have no idea what they do.
China Telecom
Just your usual collection of lion statue, giant disco ball and a western style castle building.
The Helicopter Factory

Christy’s name for a big collection of food vendors in an old helicopter factory.  This was right next to the delightful Snack Street.

Our dinner being prepared on Snack Street.

So many tasty options, even a few without meat!

Eating dumplings from Snack Street in a nearby plaza.
Deconstruction before new construction.

You know what we haven’t mentioned yet this post?  Scooters!

Scooter Technology

There are lots of cars and some trucks but the most common method of transit is the electric scooter!  This one is decked out with basket, scooter skirt (these frequently look children’s coats re-purposed), scooter mittens and a screen likely for rain protection.  It rains a lot here.

More anti-rain scooter technology!

It’s also not uncommon to see people scootering while just holding an umbrella.  Many of these would totally fail here in the US, again because we drive so much faster.  Slow things down and suddenly the rain is coming in at less of an angle and the wind is far less brutal.

Do you know what I love almost as much as scooters?  Signs.

Do not break (on elevator door).
Do Not High Altitude Parabolic

I spent some time trying to figure out a way around this sign, but it actually covers pretty much all non-powered options.

Caution Glass
The Zapper!
At the Southern Sloth

Ok, we’ve moved from signs to chalkboards, but The Southern Sloth is a restaurant near the sculpture factory that serves some craft beer and western style food.  Frequent hangout for expats in the area.

Always end with desert! Bean and strawberry options.

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  1. I am finally catching up with your blog again. Thank you so much for sending the postcard (now weeks ago) – it was so fun to get it in the mail! Hope you are staying hydrated in Phoenix.

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