Abandoned Zoo

Saturday, November 26th

Saturday I decided to take a wandering hike in Griffith Park, finding a entrance that was near (and new) to me and just wandering around.  My wandering led me into the abandoned zoo, something I’d totally forgotten about (and never seen in person).

Graffiti at abandoned zoo in Griffith Park
These systems are failing.

Griffith Park is a large park set in the hills of Los Angeles.  The observatory is nestled up on one side, I was mostly on the other side of the hills from there.  There are a lot of trails throughout the park, often unlabelled and so I just struck out in one direction.  Pretty shortly along the hike I was startled to see what appeared to be an abandoned animal cage.

Cage in old abandoned zoo

There were other structures about and I eventually figured out this was the old abandoned zoo.  The few fellow wanderers kept the vibe from creepy to just extremely random.

Abandoned Zoo

Eventually I ended up on another trail, and headed up over the hills to the other side.  Hiking around far enough and eventually I could see the observatory off in the distance.

Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles
Why the frowny face?
Another Carousel!

These are becoming kind of a theme on this trip.  It’s certainly no House on the Rock, but at least they let kids ride on this one.

The clouds were moving in and my boots were wearing their usual pain into my ankle, so I headed back.  I spent a drizzly afternoon in a local bar watching the Buckeyes squeak out an exciting win over that school from up north.

The next day I had my usual breakfast on the porch (no dishes or kitchen where I was staying) and headed out to the LACMA!

Oh like you’ve never eaten your breakfast granola out of half a beer can.