Art in Jingdezhen

Wednesday, March 22nd – Monday April 3rd

People make art here!  The community has a lot of a functional, sometimes industrial, production going on.  If you’ve, say, seen Christy’s art, you probably know that’s not how she rolls.  The mold maker nicknamed her “trouble” because he never knows what crazy thing she’s going to ask him to make a mold of.

Dress decorated with a skin of ceramic butterflies
Butterflies in a coffee shop in the Pottery Workshop during the Creative Market.

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Living in Jingdezhen

Wednesday, March 22nd – Monday April 3rd

Jingdezhen is where Christy lives and works this year.  It’s an industrial city, a quick plane ride from Shanghai, and has a long and proud history of making some of the world’s finest porcelain and art.  If you think of an ancient Chinese blue and white vase, produced from the Imperial Kilns, you’re probably thinking of something that came from Jingdezhen.  We spent just under two weeks here; Christy getting back into her working routine me making a nuisance of myself and learning as much as I could about her current home.

A plaza in Jingdezhen – it can be hard to know where to look.

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Wandering Shanghai

Sunday, April 19th – Monday, April 20th

We spent the next couple of days exploring countless art galleries, drinking only a few less milk cheese teas (think tea with a layer of cream cheese type foam at the top that you drink through, something Christy had discovered in earlier explorations), and enjoying life in a crazy big city.

The Pearl

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Welcome to Shanghai

Friday, March 17th – Saturday, March 18th

We arrived at Pudong airport Friday afternoon, were fingerprinted and photographed through customs (as is everyone, besides the potential language barrier it’s actually a less intimidating process than going through US customs) and, having not done any research before hand, gamely joined the big queue to get a taxi.  Shortly thereafter were in a totally insane, hour long taxi ride into Shanghai.  It turns out you can take the train in, and that’s a way better option.  Christy had warned me about crazy taxi drivers and it was a fun (although expensive) start to Shanghai.  It’s possible his car was broken and the gas pedal only had full throttle or none; I did not think we’d see triple digit speeds given it was rush hour in Shanghai, but he managed!

Shanghai from our hotel room.

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