Leaving Jingdezhen

Wednesday, March 22nd – Monday April 3rd

The last in my series of Jingdezhen posts!  Of course it’s mostly food and shots of the neighborhood buildings.


As part of my time winding down in Jingdezhen, Aimee suggested we all make dumplings!  Christy can’t have gluten, so the plan was to make some two different sets.  The white ones are the normal, glutenous variety!

We had trouble locating some key ingredients in the gluten free ones which resulted in some less-effective substitution. They still came out a fun color!

It was super nice of Aimee to teach us how to make these and even come up with a GF recipe and deal with our inability to find the right ingredients.  Fun was had, tasty dumplings were eaten!

An explosion of tastiness! No, wait, these were fireworks going off nearby the studio window. Fireworks are shot off a lot here!

My last day I took some time in the afternoon to wander around a bit and take some pictures of the neighborhood.  The border areas are of course my favorite.

Construction imminent.
Park amidst high-rises.
Scenic View

I even got a shot in for plotourplaces.com!  Goodbye Jingdezhen, I’ll miss you and especially one resident (although we traveled together to our next destination: another quick stop in Shanghai).