Art in Jingdezhen

Wednesday, March 22nd – Monday April 3rd

People make art here!  The community has a lot of a functional, sometimes industrial, production going on.  If you’ve, say, seen Christy’s art, you probably know that’s not how she rolls.  The mold maker nicknamed her “trouble” because he never knows what crazy thing she’s going to ask him to make a mold of.

Dress decorated with a skin of ceramic butterflies
Butterflies in a coffee shop in the Pottery Workshop during the Creative Market.

High humidity slows the process of molds drying, so they’re often stacked around kilns.  Christy just had these made.
The public kiln being unloaded! The works of many different artists are fired together. Sorry for the bad photo, it was a busy place and I only took the one.

On the weekends the nearby Sculpture Factory hosts the Creative Market where many creators setup tents to sell their wares.

Christy at the Creative Market
Tattooing a doll’s hand and getting one’s hair done. As you do.
Production work in progress.


You’d think having spent weeks hanging out in Christy’s studio I’d have pictures of her work.  At the time it was all in process so I’m sworn to secrecy!

Within a longer walk there is the nearby complex of Taoxichuan.  This is a mixture of museum and studio space and is all recently build/rebuilt as part of increasing Jingdezhen’s tourist draw.


There’s a (huge!) museum here that talks about Jindgezhen’s history and pays homage to its role especially in relatively recent industrial work.  We only got partway through as it was near closing time, and it was very cool.

“Position – Since the end of 1980s, town enterprises and private factories have raised up, some porcelain factory workers gradually utilize spare time or under guise of sick leave to embark on the second career, thus have obtained generous rewards outside the factory. All porcelain factories have issued the corresponding penalties, but this common phenomenon is still unable to stop.”
Fun example of production work: creating molds for rubber gloves.
Large kiln.
We’ll end with this fun outdoor sculpture in Taoxichuan.