Goodbye Joshua Tree

Wednesday, December 7th

It was time to visit Joshua Tree National Park for the last time on this trip.

Yet another desert sunrise.

Scooter at the Indian Cove Nature Trail.

This short loop trail was a nice, quiet way to say goodbye to the park.  I was planning on leaving the area after work on Friday and beginning my long scooter drive back to Ohio.

Goodbye cholla! Goodbye yucca! Goodbye weird JTNP piles of rock!
Goodbye sun! Goodbye creosote! Goodbye cholla again!


Goodbye informative but sometimes crazy signs!

I hadn’t spent much time at Joshua Tree National Park this second week, this was my first and only visit, but the park was my excuse for being in the area to begin with.  It’s one of my favorite parks and sad to be saying goodbye.  I drove the long way back through the desert, arriving back as the sun spread pastels across the sky.

Sunset once again from the back yard. It’s hard not to take pictures every morning and night.

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