Thanksgiving in LA: On the Beach

Thursday, November 24th

This trip has been a mix of staying in cities or being somewhere with a lot of hiking.  When I have a full day off it’s easy to figure out what to do if I’m near a national park, but what do you do when you’re in a big city where most everything is closed?  You go to the beach!

Scooter by the Pacific Ocean
Thankful the scooter got to see its first ocean! Pretty good for a little bike that grew up in Kansas.

I drove an indirect route out, winding my way through the mountains outside of Malibu.  It was a fun drive, lots of curves and hills, although I dropped my speed significantly after finding a wash of dirt covering the road inside one turn.  The rains had caused some flooding and it kept accumulating in the turns, which is super exciting.  Eventually I arrived at my destination for the morning: El Matador State Beach.

Walking down towards the beach.
El Matador State Beach

El Matador State Beach


El Matador State Beach

I spent a few hours at the beach and had a lovely time.  Eventually my sunscreen was all burned off and I was ready to move on.  I took the scooter north, following the famous “1” up the coast and then a bit inland for maybe an hour.  I struck back overland, through the large sprawl and back into LA.  I had some terrible Indian food (a tragedy!) and wound up on the porch enjoying the evening and catching up a bit on my eternally out of date blog entries.

Sunset working conditions.